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Spring is right around the corner, test your systems!

Testing your alarm system on a regular basis is the only sure way to know that the system is working.

Steps to test your system:

  1. Begin by calling your monitoring center and telling them to place your system on “test” mode.
  2. Then, arm your alarm system just like you would normally do when you leave your property. After arming the system, wait for the delay time to expire.
  3. Go around your house and open and close doors or windows that are on the system. If the system is working correctly, this will cause the alarm to activate. While the system is armed, as you’re walking around the house, your movements will also trigger the motion detectors if there are any on the system.
  4. After you’ve inspected all of your sensors, disarm the alarm system as you normally would when you return home.
  5. Finally, call back to the monitoring center to verify that the alarm signals sent by the alarm panel were received.

In addition to performing all of the above simple steps, check to see if the manufacturer has any recommendations about how your devices should be checked, and make sure you perform any additional steps they recommend.

If you don’t know the type of sensors you have or how to test them, simply contact your alarm service provider for details. Your alarm service provider also has trained professionals that will test your system at your request.

A properly operating alarm system is a valuable asset for protecting your property. If you have any questions regarding a Quality CCTV Systems, Inc. installed alarm system, please contact us at (804) 276-7300 or via email at

cellular backup box in richmond va

Cellular Backup

A small radio transmitter that connects to the control panel of your security system. In the event that your phone line fails or is cut the cellular radio contacts the central station.

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Glass Break Sensors

Microphone and vibration sensors listen for the specific frequency of sound that glass makes when it breaks. To reduce false alarms it also listens for the vibration of the impact that caused the glass to break.

blue line motion detector for cctv surveillance systems in richmond va

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors detect motion by infrared, microwave, or both. Newer units analyze motion to determine if the threat is valid.

keypad for cctv website


The keypad is the means of communication between the user and the control panel. It the way the alarm is armed and disarmed, and provides important system information.