Intruder trying to get into building with custom security plan in richmond va

Intrusion Detection

Protection from home burglary, intruders, and unwanted guests

At Quality CCTV Systems, we develop a security system that is customized to fit your residential needs. As opposed to other company’s boxed installations, you get everything you need—products known for quality and durability and a clean, professional installation.

Our intrusion detection systems are designed with a control panel to act as the brains, a keypad to input and receive information, glass breaks, motion detectors, door and window contacts and much more.

Our specialty is installing custom home security systems. Our goal is to help homeowners protect their family, home and assets. You should never buy a system from someone over the phone, internet or a sales person walking door to door without doing some research on the company, their system and the sales person selling it. A security company should take time to understand the homeowner’s needs lifestyle and long term plan.

A well designed and installed security system should last a homeowner 10-15 years. This is why it is critical to understand how the system will be used now and in the future.

At Quality CCTV we believe if it is worth doing it is worth doing correctly. On average we assign one or two technicians for a minimum of one day to properly install, test and train our residential customers.

Available options:

  • Central station communication over network and cellular
  • Advanced keypads with touch screens and Proximity sensors
  • Reliable wireless sensors to protect areas that are difficult or expensive to wire
  • Reporting of user activity
  • Remote smart phone operation of system

Let one of our professional security experts help you design a system that meets your needs.

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